Che Sudaka | New single & videoclip “Al sistema no le conviene”

The four Colombian and Argentinian musicians, based in Barcelona, used some free time during their „Mapuche-Tour“ to Chile and Argentina in february to shoot this happy and colourful videoclip with authentic Latin-American ambience.

„Al sistema no le conviene“ (which, by the way, includes the participation of legendary Colombian musician Noel Petro “el burro mocho”) is an ironic analysis of how we all get conditioned: it´s not suitable for the establishment that we receive education, that we think different, that we are independent, or that our children switch off the TV…

Initially planned on 1st May, Che Sudaka brings forward the release of this videoclip in order to dedicate it to the movement against TTIP which will gather for a central protest rally on April 22 at Arc de Triomf in Barcelona. At this event, backed by the new city-government of Ada Colau, the band will also give a free concert.