Banda Senderos | New single+videoclip

With “Mala Vena”, the 9-piece reggae outfit Banda Senderos from the Ruhr region in Germany has carved its own personal carpe diem into music: happiness is in the here and now! Our life is too short to mourn the past or be afraid of the future.

Do not let the killjoy, in Spanish “Mala Vena”, spoil your mood – let love speak, take your liberty and let us live our dreams. Banda Senderos takes you by the hand, together you get up and dance any fear and self-pity away!

Produced by Guido Craveiro, Banda Senderos delivers a mid-tempo reggae / dancehall tune that pushes deeply with lower-laid bass and electronic samples while remaining bilingual-cool.

“Mala Vena” is the first single taken from the upcoming album “Oase” which is going to be release this summer!