Che Sudaka | New single feat. Los Rabanes

Che Sudaka’s new single is now available on all digital platforms. “De Colores” (English: “Colourful”) with the participation of Los Rabanes from Panama is the fourth single within the bands current artistic project “Conectando” (English: Connnecting).

On its mission of connecting all the rebellious souls on the planet, CHE SUDAKA continues to do musical alchemy in the laboratory of its recording studio, Cavernícola Records. This time, one of the most emblematic songs from the discography of LOS RABANES (mythical Panamanian band), “De Colores”, has been turned into a Colombian cumbia with sweet tones and romantic lyrics. The version has the participation of Emilio Regueira himself, leader of Los Rabanes and author of the original song. The first meeting of these two bands took place in 2015, at the Viva El Planeta festival, in Colombia, and since those days this new version has been simmering. The most important link between the two groups is, without a doubt, the influence of latin american singer Rubén Blades, also from Panama, who participated in the original version of the song, published in 1997 on the Panamanians second album called “Los Rabanes All Stars”.