che sudaka

Che Sudaka | New single release

“Para la guerra nada” (“Nothing for the war”) is the new single and unique hymn of peace delivered by the Argentinian-Colombian cult-band Che Sudaka and the Colombian singer-songwriter Marta Gómez.

Che Sudaka and Marta Gómez met for the first time in 2019 by work and grace of the legendary Argentine singer-songwriter Piero De Benedictis (great friend of all of them and organizer of the encounter). From that first contact the idea of recording something together was born. Life wanted to see it happen in this precise moment. Heeding the call of the Colombian people who are marching in the streets crying out for peace and social justice, arrives this jewel transformed into a song and called “Para la guerra nada” (“Nothing for the war”). This song, originally written by Marta Gómez, is converted by Che Sudaka into a currulao with touches of chamamé and with lyrics that have already become a hymn of peace.