Che Sudaka | New single release

Che Sudaka’s new single is now available on all digital platforms. “La ley del miedo” (English: The Law of Fear) featuring Las Manos de Filippi from Argentina is the third single within the bands current artistic project “Conectando” (English: Connnecting).

“Fear limits” said the Latin-American singer & songwriter Facundo Cabral. “Very strong things have to happen to you to make you feel like singing,” say the lyrics of “La ley del miedo.” That is why Che Sudaka, accompanied on this occasion by Las Manos de Filippi, invites the entire planetary family to vibrate in love in order to get ahead of any adverse situation.
The really important things of each day are not given by the news. The really important thing is that we are alive, in the here and now. Now is the time to act. To do what the heart tells us. To attend everything that makes our blood boil. To convince ourselves once and for all that we are one. THE GOOD IS MAJORITY!!!

The meeting of these two families has not been accidental. Two bands who know what it’s like to play on the streets. Two bands who are independent at a management level but above all at an artistic level. Two bands who make thousands of hearts all over the world beating in unison to the sound of their hymns that revolutionize minds and, above all, souls.

In musical terms, this song fuses in a organically and naturally way the sound of the Vallenato accordion and the drums of traditional Colombian music with the bandoneon which is characteristic for tango and Buenos Aires. It is all said. All tribes unite to end the “law of fear.”