Che Sudaka | New single+videoclip

Touring around the world for seventeen years without break, Che Sudaka has its audience accustomed to its inexhaustible energy. The four Colombian and Argentine brothers take advantage of every moment of life to create and connect. The creative process never stops. It flows like water and constantly generates new projects and artistic connections. That is why the Barcelona based band kicks off its new project:

Ladies and gentlemen … CHE SUDAKA presents “CONECTANDO!”

“Conectando!” (in English: “Connecting!”) is the new musical adventure of Che Sudaka that will show the result of its constant musical encounters with illustrious artists from all over the world. The spirit of the project is based on mixing the Colombian-Argentinian roots of the band with those of the entire planet, with the mission to bring a singing of love and unity to all beings on earth.

On 26/4 the first delivery of the project has arrived with the single “Cómo Hacer” (in English: “How to do”) featuring Doctor Krápula. The song “Cómo Hacer” proposes the recipe to live in harmony and happiness and without fear, with the rhythm of “Cumbiasteady” (Rocksteady – Cumbia). On this occasion Che Sudaka invited its friends from the Colombian rock band Doctor Krápula to “Cavernícola Records” and in one afternoon a powerful universal connection was created. “Cómo Hacer” breathes freedom and optimism and captures the energy and joy of the moment. The lasting brotherhood between the two bands has also been reflected in a videoclip produced by Ula-Ula TV and 4K Audiovisual and which accompanies the release of the single.

But the story does not end there, since on 30th April Che Sudaka celebrated the 1,500th concert of its career in Barcelona. In addition, Che Sudaka is travelling right now to Bogotá (Colombia), where the band will perform at the “Festival Vive el río Bogotá” with a previous stop at the venue Latino Power where the tickets are almost sold out. That said … the four rebellious souls from Barcelona are still … CONECTANDO!