Che Sudaka | New videoclip

“Almas Rebeldes levaaaantense!” (in english: “Rebel Souls get up!”) This invitation to leave all fears behind has become a true classic that shouldn´t be missing on any concert of Che Sudaka. To celebrate the first anniversary of the release of their current longplayer, the band from Barcelona has now published a video clip for the single, which is not only the title track of the album but also features one of their illustrious guests. The voice of Dr. Ring Ding, icon of the European ska and reggae scene, is the “icing on the cake” for a song that is already part of the soundtrack of a worldwide tribe of rebellious souls. Produced by 4K Audiovisual, the clip once again shows the power of their music and message, as well as the power of human communion, which always flourishes when we are joyfully sharing the here and now.