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The Colombian-Argentine band Che Sudaka was formed in 2002 at the Mediterranean seaport Barcelona and has since been on tour around the world without interruption.

Their sound is authentic and recognizable, a mix of Latin American folklore, Jamaican rhythms, punk attitude and the electronic toys of a sound system.

Four brothers who stop time with an accordion, acoustic and electric guitars, samplers and drum computers, not to forget an inexhaustible positive energy.

Each concert is a sweaty fiesta in the “here and now”, a moment of unity and togetherness, respect and love. That’s what Che Sudaka stands for. That´s what makes people love the band worldwide.

Sergio Adrian Morales Cleves (COL) – Accordion, Samplers, Vocals
Leonardo Gabriel “Leo” Fernández (ARG) – Vocals, Spanish Guitar
Marcos Alejandro “Kacha” Fernández (ARG) – Vocals
John Jairo “Jota” Pineda Castro (COL) – Guitars, Vocals

Trippie Town (2003)
Alerta Bihotza (2005)
Mirando el mundo al revés (2007)
Tudo é possible (2009)
Cavernícola Recording Vol.1 (2010)
10 (2012)
1111 LIVES (2013)
Hoy (2014)
Almas rebeldes (2017)