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The Colombian-Argentine band Che Sudaka, founded in Barcelona in 2002, has without doubt become a cult band. With its optimistic-rebellious lyrics, its infinitely positive attitude and energy on stage and its highly recognizable sound mix of Latin American folklore, ska, reggae, punk and electronic elements, Che Sudaka has become one of the most beloved bands in the alternative Latino scene. And with over 1,500 performances in 46 countries also one of the most booked! In 2022, the three brothers will celebrate the 20th anniversary as a band. For this reason they will publish a new album and, in addition, a book that collects the essence and history of the group through multiple testimonies and that has an affectionate prologue by their friend Manu Chao. Che Sudaka is rebellion, therapy and party. And anyone who has experienced a live concert with the band will once again find the faith in the good in people!

Sergio Adrian Morales Cleves (COL) – Accordion, Samplers, Vocals
Leonardo Gabriel “Leo” Fernández (ARG) – Vocals, Spanish Guitar
Marcos Alejandro “Kacha” Fernández (ARG) – Vocals

Trippie Town (2003)
Alerta Bihotza (2005)
Mirando el mundo al revés (2007)
Tudo é possible (2009)
Cavernícola Recording Vol.1 (2010)
10 (2012)
1111 LIVES (2013)
Hoy (2014)
Almas rebeldes (2017)