DIY (“do-it-yourself”) is having a huge comeback in the music industry! Only fully dedicated artists are able to reach an audience and to persist in time. At Agents 4 Music, we are not surprised… we have a strong Indie- and DIY-background and we use to support our artists with a “hands-on-management” approach.

Many successful artists manage their career by themselves, they look for partners when necessary but keep control of the creative process and commercial aspects. You will find yourself struggling to get to the next level or need an expert to get deeper insight or a new point of view or just to bounce your ideas before taking important decisions. But this does not mean that you have to bind yourself and pay a commission on all of your income to a manager…

We offer a very pragmatic and personalized mentoring programm which puts our experience from 30 years in the international music business at your reach. We have helped international artists to build long-term careers and we have organized literally thousands of concerts in more than 50 countries worldwide. We will help you with your:

  • Business-setup
  • Distribution (physical & digital)
  • Single / album release-strategies
  • Artist communication and promotion
  • Concert and tour booking
  • Internationalisation

…to name just a few. We adapt to your needs, no matter if you are amateur or super-pro. We assist you in English, German or Spanish. You can book single videoconference-sessions of 60 minutes at the rate of 40 EUR during which we work together on your current issues and concerns. The goal is to help you getting a better understanding of your situation and to define concrete “next steps” for you. You decide when and how much help you need and only pay for the support you receive. We can accompany you on your way as long as you wish (package/project rates to be agreed). But we don´t want to bind you, we charge no fix costs or extra fees.

Our only motivation is to see you advancing well with your artistic projct. We love DIY and this is our way to contribute our bit to help artists through difficult times.

Get in touch with us for more information!