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Morgane Ji is the perfect example of  the successful blending of multiple ancestry, as befits her native Réunion.  A volcanic temperament, with mysterious, African, Indian and Asian roots.

As for her style and aesthetic approach, no-one has managed to pigeonhole her. An uncategorisable rock pop musician and practitioner of world electronic music but immediately recognisable thanks to her voice – protean, raspy, soft, animal-like.

The Creole Queen, as the British press call her is mystical and warlike, she strums her electric banjo, alternating between technoid drum n’ bass and the hypnotic bottleneck slides. “Woman Soldier”, the title of her upcoming album, encapsulates the fighting spirit of a fiercely independent female artist and pays tribute to the many battles women are involved in every day throughout the world.

Morgane Ji – Voice, Banjo
E.r.k. – Guitar, Keyboard, Samples
Olivier Carole – Bass
Mogan Cornebert – Drums

Album Release “Woman Soldier” on 5th October 2018 (Aztec Musique / rfi Talent / PIAS)