Che Sudaka | New single & videoclip “La Risa Bonita feat Manu Chao“

On the eve of the eagerly awaited release of its new album “Almas Rebeldes” (Cavernicola Records / Maldito Records, 10 Nov. 2017), the Colombian-Argentine group from Barcelona Che Sudaka launches its first single. “La Risa Bonita feat. Manu Chao” is available since today on all digital platforms. Together with a videoclip, directed by Argentinian producer Julian Gil, the song testifies the rebellious and transforming power of laughter in a society marked by negative feelings such as fear, isolation and resignation. Che Sudaka and Manu Chao, great friend and special guest in this song, have no doubt about the importance of joyful rebellion: “Y cada dia me rio porque si no me muero!” (in english: “and every day I laugh because if not, I will die”)”