Che Sudaka | New single & videoclip: “Cuando Será feat Doctor Krápula”

Che Sudaka launched on November 15 its videoclip of the single “Cuando Será” (English: “when will it be”) and dedicates this new work to the non-governmental organization Via Campesina and its pacific struggle for the food sovereignty of the people.

“Cuando Será” was inspired by the National Agricultural Strike in Colombia in 2013, which was organized by the main peasant organizations along with artisanal miners, transport workers, medicals, teachers and students, and which was supported by unions and popular organizations. The initiators of the strike called for an open dialogue with Colombian government on the Free Trade Agreement NAFTA. This agreement forces Colombian farmers to buy genetically treated seeds for single use from multinational corporations such as Monsanto/Bayer.

Five large-scale demonstrations were organized in Bogotá and 30 of the 32 largest cities in Colombia, during which countless cases of abuse by police and private militia where registered. These abuses led to eight dead, more than 400 wounded, at least 512 arrests, various human rights violations and several missing persons.

The song features a collaboration of Subcantante Mario and David Jaramillo, members of the Colombian band Doctor Krápula, with whom Che Sudaka maintains a great friendship and spiritual bond.